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Maternity care: Myth busters for pregnant women

Reproductive health  •  27 February 2023  • 3 min read



The bond a woman feels with her child while pregnant cannot be rivalled.

Most moms-to-be will attest to the fact that the health of their unborn baby is their primary concern.

Antenatal care is all about keeping the baby nourished and happy. In this period, it is incredibly easy to forget about taking care of yourself – you might gradually fade into the background as you focus on your baby, which could invariably lead to anxiety and depression.

From not being able to maintain long working hours to struggling with going out late into the night, being pregnant can drastically alter your lifestyle. This sudden and drastic change can be very overwhelming.

There are lifestyle changes that are non-negotiable during pregnancy. However, some concerns and fears are based on myths without facts supporting them.

Let’s look into three of these common myths.

Myth 1: You can’t exercise when you’re pregnant.

On the contrary, exercising during pregnancy is good for you and your baby. Studies have shown that pregnant women who exercise have fewer back pains, more energy, better heart health, and overall good mental health. The intensity of exercise your body can endure is something to be discussed with your doctor.

Myth 2: You can’t have sex when you’re pregnant.

“Don’t have sex while you’re pregnant, you’ll hurt the baby or cause a miscarriage.” You have probably heard this statement before, this is not true. Your little one is safe in a sac filled with protective fluid (amniotic fluid), making it impossible for a penis to reach the baby during penetration. Also, the strong muscles of the uterus serve as a protective shield, so you have nothing to worry about. As long as it feels comfortable for you, then it’s perfectly fine to enjoy lovemaking.

Myth 3: Eating spicy foods during pregnancy causes blindness in babies.

This too is false. Spicy food will not make your baby blind. There is no medical reason a pregnant woman should not eat spicy food. The worst that could happen is experiencing uncomfortable heartburn, which is pretty common during pregnancy. It might be smart not to overindulge in spicy food to avoid spiking heartburn, but that’s the only reason.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the information and advice during pregnancy, this is why it’s important to make sure you’re not swallowed by unfounded myths that can take away the joy that comes with being pregnant. If you’re unsure about what you should or should not be doing during your pregnancy, it’s best to contact a qualified healthcare professional.

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