Maternity services

We offer maternity services to help ensure you have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Antenatal care

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Providing the very best care for you and your baby

We provide personalised, high-quality maternal healthcare to give pregnant women and their babies the very best start in their lives together.


Meet our maternity team

Our highly-skilled doctors, gynaecologists and midwives at MSI’s health facilities will support you from early pregnancy, through to a safe and positive birth and the first few weeks of your baby’s life.


Antenatal care

From the early weeks of pregnancy, our maternity services team will help keep you and your baby well and healthy.

We will provide you with frequent check-ups, screenings and exams, advice on how to look after yourself, information and what to expect at each stage of pregnancy and support preparing for a positive birth.

Labour and delivery care

When it’s time for your baby to be born, we will focus on making it the safest and most positive experience for you both.

Our maternity centres have everything you need, from experienced birth attendants and emergency care to private space for precious bonding time with your newborn.

Postnatal care

We’ll carry on supporting you and your baby after birth

You’ll see us a few days after your baby is born, between 1 to 2 weeks afterwards, and when your baby is 6 weeks old. We’ll continue to help with breastfeeding and make sure you’re both thriving.

Call us if you have questions about our maternity services

Please reach out if you have questions. Call us toll-free on 0800 220 333.