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The Marie Stopes Hospital and Maternity Launch

Reproductive health  •  22 October 2021  • 2 min read



Marie Stopes UG launched their newly opened hospital and Maternity located at Forest Mall Lugogo in Kampala.

The 30-bed capacity facility provides a diverse range of services including, management of general medical and surgical ailments, comprehensive laboratory services, Post Abortion Care, Diagnostic Scans among others read more

The launch was officiated by the Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah who congratulated Marie Stopes Uganda upon the opening of a hospital and for tirelessly increasing access to reproductive health services across Uganda. “No more rhetoric, it’s time for action. Time to do whatever is necessary to enlist the vulnerable, especially those with multiple vulnerabilities” He said.

A head of the hospital launch, Marie Stopes hosted a live webinar in commemoration of the Safe Motherhood day, where the Country Director Dr. Carole Sekimpi, and panelists discussed the topic in detail. “Safe motherhood is here to address avoidable factors that cause death during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum period. Every effort is needed and is a step closer to ending maternal mortality and neonatal morbidity,” she said. 

Dr. Andrew Chakura one of the panelists, said every pregnancy is risky and it’s recommended that pregnant mothers should seek antenatal care at least eight times through their pregnancy.

He said: “Pregnant mothers should embrace having a balanced diet, more so of local foods, as the food basket in Uganda is enriched with all the appropriate nutrients.”

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