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For Every Stage Of a Woman campaign

Reproductive health  •  16 March 2022  • 2 min read



As part of the International Women’s Day celebrations, Marie Stopes UG launched the global MSI campaign dubbed “For Every Stage of Woman” at the Marie Stopes’ hospital Kampala.

The event which was physically attended by the media, representatives from insurance companies and partners was also live on MSUG Facebook page and YouTube channel.

“We understand that a woman’s reproductive health goes beyond contraception and that is why we are repositioning to provide services that suit women at every stage of their reproductive journey. We know that that journey has many milestones from the beginning of Menstruation, first sexual encounter, motherhood to Menopause and we acknowledge that women go through a lot at different stages, and we are here to help them out. As we celebrate the Women’s month this year, we are coming out to say that we are committed to support every woman at every stage of her life. We are better placed to provide for women at different stages of their lives.” Says Dr. Carole Sekimpi~ CD Marie Stopes UG

According to Faith Kyateka, the Head of communications at Marie Stopes, the campaign is aimed at repositioning Marie Stopes to serve women from Menstruation to Menopause. Marie Stopes has extended support to women at all stages to take care of their needs and encourage male engagement as they are key at all stages of women. She added that Marie Stopes is here to empower women and encourage them to succeed in whatever they are doing. Women need to know Marie Stopes is here for them.

The event featured panelists who represented women at different stages of life and included journalists Andrew Kyamagero and Anna Talia Ozie, Makerere University student Joan Atuhaire plus AIDS Commission’s Flavia Kyomukama, who shared their experiences.

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