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The Lifeline of Motherhood: Unlocking the Power of Prenatal Care

The more actively you prepare for your baby’s arrival, the more real that child will seem, and the faster your pregnancy will appear to pass.


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19 December 2023  •  3 m read

A Success Story of the RISE Programme

Transforming lives: RISE Programme’s success in Uganda. From alarming statistics to a 44% drop in maternal…

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23 May 2023  •  3 m read

Gone are the days of having a child every year

It was clear that I needed to take action to ensure a manageable family size. After careful consideration, I made…

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30 January 2023  •  2 m read

Documentation and record keeping in health systems

Sarah joined the Marie Stopes Blue Star network in 2012 when the clinic was much smaller, with few clients for…

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16 January 2023  •  2 m read

USAID win for Marie Stopes Uganda

Marie Stopes Uganda will leverage their extensive expertise and experience to support in improving access to quality…

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6 December 2022  •  3 m read

Norway Government invests in Uganda’s SRHR

The project is geared towards empowering girls and women to decide over their bodies and ensure access to…

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26 September 2022  •  2 m read

2022 World Contraception Day

The key objective of the conference was to provide a platform for intergenerational dialogue between young people,…

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24 January 2022  •  3 m read

My gyn and midwife were just a call or a text away

My first night at Marie Stopes felt like home, the team was around to provide all the support I needed.

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