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LIFEGUARD Condoms signs a sponsorship deal with Rams Rugby Club

Service Delivery  •  10 August 2023  • 2 min read



LIFEGUARD Condoms is thrilled to announce a partnership with Rams Rugby Club. As the leading reproductive healthcare provider in Uganda, we have teamed up with Rams Rugby Club to encourage open discussions about sexual and reproductive health through a Jersey Sponsorship.

Speaking at the launch this morning, Marie Stopes Uganda’s Deputy Country Director, Dr Peter Ddungu, expressed,

“As an organisation, we want to destigmatize conversations around sexual and reproductive health and contribute to a more open and accepting attitude toward using protection. Sports teams like Rams Rugby Club align LIFEGUARD Condoms with a positive, health-conscious image. We seek to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancies, and thus harnessing the power of sports to reach a wider audience and highlight the importance of making responsible choices.”

The General Secretary of Rams Rugby Club, Jude Rwakayanga, highlighted,

“Rugby fans and sports enthusiasts are a diverse and engaged audience. Through this partnership with LIFEGUARD condoms, they can also engage with sexual and reproductive health initiatives, providing them with vital information in a relatable context.”

The partnership will last for a period of a year. We both aim to promote a culture of responsible decision-making, emphasizing the importance of protection, both on and off the field.

About LIFEGUARD Condoms

LIFEGUARD Condoms is distributed by Marie Stopes Uganda, a reproductive health leader dedicated to fostering open conversations and empowering individuals to make informed choices. With a legacy spanning over 25 years, LIFEGUARD Condoms adheres to the highest global standards, embodying a commitment to quality, innovation, comfort, and safe and enjoyable sexual experiences for everyone.

About Rams Rugby Club

Rams Rugby Football Club is a renowned and successful rugby team, known for its passion, determination, and exceptional performance. With a rich history and a strong fan base, the team aims to inspire individuals to lead an active and healthy lifestyle while embodying the core values of the sport and in the wider Makerere and Mulago communities



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