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The Lifeline of Motherhood: Unlocking the Power of Prenatal Care

The more actively you prepare for your baby’s arrival, the more real that child will seem, and the faster your pregnancy will appear to pass.

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5 May 2024  •  2 m read

Marie Stopes Uganda joins the Embassy of Denmark and UNFPA to launch the SAY programme.

​MSI Uganda, led by Deputy Country Director Dr. Peter Ddungu, participated in the launch of the…

Help and advice

21 December 2023  •  3 m read

Your Pregnancy Journey: A Guide for First-Time Mothers

Amidst the myriad of emotions and preparations, it’s crucial for expectant mothers to navigate this phase with…

Our stories

19 December 2023  •  3 m read

A Success Story of the RISE Programme

Transforming lives: RISE Programme’s success in Uganda. From alarming statistics to a 44% drop in maternal…

Help and advice

12 December 2023  •  7 m read

Navigating Pregnancy as A Career Women

Once the initial euphoria subsides, you have to start taking practical decisions that will impact you and the little…

Help and advice

7 December 2023  •  2 m read

Understanding Prostate Health Essentials for Men Over 40

As men enter their 40s, understanding prostate health becomes crucial to their overall well-being.

Help and advice

6 December 2023  •  2 m read

Vasectomy: The 7 Crucial Things You Must Know About

We know that sometimes the word “vasectomy” can cause fear among some men. It’s a significant decision, and…

MSUG news and updates

25 September 2023  •  6 m read

Reduction of Teenage Pregnancy rates: What more can be done?

The future we want: Prioritization of women and adolescent health. September 26 is World Contraception Day, and…

MSUG news and updates

10 August 2023  •  2 m read

LIFEGUARD Condoms signs a sponsorship deal with Rams Rugby Club

LIFEGUARD Condoms is thrilled to announce a partnership with Rams Rugby Club. As the leading reproductive healthcare…

MSUG news and updates

11 July 2023  •  4 m read

World Population Day 2023

According to the Uganda Health Coverage Policy Analysis Report (April 2023), approximately 48.4 million people live…

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