Request for Consultancy Services to develop a Promotional Video for MSU


National Drug Authority has recently approved the registration of MSU’s brand of mifepristone, Mediprist. Mediprist is a lifesaving drug used to treat women in need of medical post abortion care in cases of missed abortion.


MSU has imported this drug and is currently distributing it through ABACUS pharma LTD. As a relatively new drug in the Ugandan market, many providers are unaware of what the product is, what it does and how it can and should be used in the Ugandan legal context. MSU will hold a launch for the product in early February for medical practitioners, CSO’s and other advocates.


As part of the launch and future engagements MSU would like to develop a short video (no more than 5 minutes) to highlight some of the key facts about the drug, how it is being used elsewhere in the world, some personal stories of women who have used the drug in life saving treatments and victims of unsafe abortion who would have benefited from this drug. The video will also provide a contextual background on the magnitude of Maternal Mortality due to unsafe abortion in Uganda. MSU expects some medical practitioners to have a certain amount of stigma about mifepristone and the video should be used to reduce these negative perceptions.





–   Provide the creative concept, design, production and edited video to support the launch of Mediprist.

–   Provide a 1 – 2 minute shortened, edited version of key highlights for use in future trainings.



– Framework advertised December 5th

– Creative concept outline submitted   December 12th

– Contract awarded by December 19th   

– Script pretest by January 9th

– Approval of final script by January 18th

– Production commences on January 19th

– First edit of the film to be submitted to MSU by February 3rd

– Final film and shorter edit to be submitted by February 13th


–   The film should be produced in English

–   MSU is open to a mix of live action and animation

–   MSU will provide all the required technical information and support necessary regarding the product


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