Request for Bids to provide Behavioral Change Communication services(Road shows) and printing services

Request for Bids to Provide Behavioural Change Communication (BCC) and
Printing Services
1.0 Background
1.1 A brief over view of the Maries Stopes Uganda (MSU)
Marie Stopes Uganda (MSU) is a marketing-focused, results-oriented social business that uses
modern management and marketing techniques to provide family planning and reproductive
healthcare across every district of Uganda.
To date, MSU enjoys 25% of the market share in modern contraceptives and, by 2010/2011, it
directly contributed to safely delivering 50,000 babies. It also, contributed 4 points to Uganda’s
contraceptive prevalence rate. MSU has enjoyed 20% year on year growth since 2007 and it is
part of the Marie Stopes International (MSI) global network subscribing to her goal and mission; “to
prevent unwanted births and to ensure individual’s rights to Children by Choice not Chance”.
In Uganda, Marie stopes operates an active social marketing unit that works to expand access to
condoms, by implementing demand generation for general condom use in the country. This is
implemented under the total market approach strategy developed by the Ministry of Health (MoH).
MSU in partnership with MoH has undertaken a strategic review of its business and recognizes the
need to increase demand for condom use in the country by focusing on most at risk populations
(MARPs) located in specific districts and along particular transit corridors.

2. Overall objective of the assignment
The main purpose of this assignment is to support MSU demand generation activities to overcome
market barriers and contribute to successful condom use, behaviour change in the country.

2.1 Specific Objectives
Specifically, increasing demand for the condoms is intended to:
 Improve indicators relating to STI/HIV infections in the country
 Increase utilization rates for condoms and thus avoid wastage
 Further promote the total marketing approach which will ensure improvement in condom
use and reduced unintended pregnancies
 Allow for cross-selling of other condom brands and generics to achieve desired services

3.0 Scope of Behavioral Change communication and printing services
The assignment will involve conducting comprehensive behavioural change communication drives
and publicity services. Each task is categorised as a lot. Bidders are free to quote for all allots, BUT
no bidder shall be awarded more than one lot.
In case of quoting for more than one lot, bidders are required to indicate the order of priority in the
event that a bidder emerges as the best evaluated in more than one lot.

3.1 Lot 1: Sensitize the masses through road shows;
This will include sensitizing the clients through road shows at divisional levels in central region and
district levels in the respective districts of implementation. The road show launch shall be with
participation of MSU staff, involve hire and branding of rigs, music and distribution of promotional

Sensitize the masses through engaging them with music in local languages of the regions as per
the agreed work plan, behaviour change communication effected during the shows. During the
conduct of road shows; the firm will be expected to carry out the following:
– Branding at least 3 trucks, vehicles to promote the use of ccondoms
– Hire of Motor cycles (bodaboda)/ bicycles 20 per district for the activity
– Involve local ambassadors/celebrities/musicians in mobilization
– Deployment of at least 10 foot soldiers to sensitize the masses
– Distribution of condom promotional materials
– Sensitizing the gatherings at each of the venues

3.2 Lot 2: Provision of printing services
The following materials shall be required, hence a firm should provide quotes for the unit cost of
producing the following.
– Round neck and collar Lifeguard branded T-shirts with MSU hotline number
– A2 posters Lifeguard branded
– Lifeguard bamber stickers
– Reflector jackets
– Head Caps branded with lifeguard

The Road Show will cover 16 Major Districts; Kampala, Wakiso, Jinja Mayuge, Bugiri Namayigo, Masaka, Mpigi, Kalangala, Buikwe, Buvum, Amolartar, Busia (MARP Most at Risk Areas)
For further technical details, please note; the firm (s) must commit to undertake the
a) Submit documents detailing;
– Technical and financial proposal
– Key professional staff and demonstrate their competence for the assignment
– Organization and Staffing
– Methodology
– Work plan
– Detailed activities
– Mechanism for monitoring
– Mechanisms for feedback to MSU
Additionally, in the course of conducting the activities, each firm is expected to carry out the
– Liaise with MSU Head of social marketing and district management in the conduct of the
– Adhere to the police and town councils roadmap in the conduct of the activity
– Conduct the exercise professionally and impartially
– Provide MSU with a record of all activities undertaken and feedback from the targeted
audiences that would assist MSU to improve behaviour change communications activities in
– Submit progress reports to MSU &
– Submit final report at the end of the assignment

4.0 Support from MSU
 Provide promotional materials for use in behaviour change communication
 Develop materials/messages to be used
 Train/orient key personnel of the firm
 Provide staff to handle the technical backup
 Supervise and monitor activities of the firms
 Liaise with condom distributors to avail products during promotions

5.0 The Firms’ role will include;
 Conduct road shows during behaviour change campaigns .
 Document road show activities and share reports
 Submit reports to MSU on the road shows and promotion/demand generation activities.
6.0 Time frame
This exercise will be conducted within a period not exceeding 4months depending on availability
of funds
7.0 Payment arrangements
Payment will be made based on submission of invoices, 60% down payment before
commencement of activities. Please note; No Travel expenses will be reimbursed the figure quoted
should cater for all expenses
8.0 Supervision and Management
The MSU – Head social marketing will provide the overall management and supervision function
during the time of this assignment.
9.0 Deliverables/Expected Outcomes
– Dentailed printed monthly activity reports with any recommendations will be submitted &
– Soft copy of final activity report will also be shared.
10.0 Qualifications and Requirements
The Firm (s) to carry out this assignment shall have the following profile:
 Competent Firms with proven work experience in mass sensitization, printing in Uganda in the
last 3 years and demonstrate ownership of at least 3 Rigs.
 The firms should have carried out at least 3 similar assignments.
 The firms should demonstrate experience in carrying out demand generation for public health
 The firms should demonstrate capacity to effectively conduct the assignment.

11.0 How to apply
Interested applicants should send their proposals (Technical & financial) that show their
qualification and experience to make them appropriate for the assignment. Proposals should be
delivered to the MSU,
The Procurement & Logistics Unit,
Marie Stopes Uganda,
Plot 1020 Kisugu – Muyenga,
P. O. Box 10431,
Clearly marked “BID FOR BCC ACTIVITIES” at or before 3:00pm on 9th December 2016. Late
submissions shall be rejected.

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