ToR for Documenting results from the recently concluded Uganda Reproductive Health Voucher Project (URHVP) Health Facility Assessment



November 2016

  1. Background of the URHVP

The URHVP is a 4 year Ministry of Health (MoH) project, whose over aching goal is to increase access to skilled care among poor women living in rural and disadvantaged areas during pregnancy, delivery and the post-natal period. URHVP is a result/output based project funded by the World Bank, and implemented in partnership with Marie Stopes Uganda as the Voucher Management Agency (VMA). It is currently under implementation in the South Western and Eastern Uganda.  URHVP intend to contribute to reducing both the demand and supply side challenges such as financial barriers, distance to health facilities among others, that continue to hinder access to skilled attendant at child birth.

The development objective of URHVP is to increase access to skilled care during pregnancy and delivery.  URHVP  is made up of two components: (a) safe delivery component with the objective to provide subsidized vouchers for safe delivery to vulnerable and poor pregnant women to access a package of safe delivery services from contracted service providers; and (b) capacity building and project management; under this component the project will support project management functions and build national capacity to mainstream and scale up implementation of the safe delivery voucher scheme in the health sector.

  1. Purpose of this consultancy

The purpose of this consultancy is to document and present one report detailing the how, where and what it entailed to conduct the recently concluded health facility assessments at both private and public facilities by the URHVP team.

  1. Objective of the assignment

The aims of this consultancy are to: 1) Document, edit and proofread the URHVP health facility assessment field reports and synthesize into one report 2) Identify and extract from the draft URHVP health Facility assessment report a step by step guide that can be easily adapted for any similar activities  3. Document, Identify and articulate the lessons learned from the entire activity and suggest the necessary recommendations.

  1. Scope of work

The assignment will involve various tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Conducting interviews with URHVP staff that were directly involved in the HF Assessment. This might involve collecting data form URHVP, District, and Health Workers that directly participated in the assessment. At least one health worker from a district, one staff from the district administration will be interviewed. The interviews need to be carefully planned around what and how exactly the assessment was carried out. In addition, it is highly recommended that the consultant identifies the availability of the members to be interviewed from their respective Districts/work stations to realize full participation of the targeted respondents.
  • Interview with URHVP Program Manager. The study will include gathering qualitative information from the URHVP program manager. In addition to any other persons that might add value to the study such MoH technical teams.

The consultant will be expected to complete the following activities associated with documenting the assessment report:

  1. Ethical Clearance Documentation

The consultant will work in collaboration MSU RME team, to outline all the planned survey activities.  In addition, the consultant/survey firm will be responsible for acquiring all permissions necessary to carry out this assignment. Where required, this may include relevant permissions from national and/or local authorities, and Institutional Review Board.

The consultant will also be responsible for adhering to all necessary formalities aimed at obtaining any relevant permits related to this exercise

6. Deliverables

  • A complete health facility Assessment report
  • A data set for all respondents interviewed
  • A summary of the key step by step guide and how to conduct health facility assessments in the private and public health facilities
  1. Timeframe and fee

The assignment will be remunerated upon delivery of the agreed outputs, at the agreed fee rate and the agreed number of days of professional fess chargeable, as per the normal procedures of MSU. The deadline for completion of the exercise will not exceed 20 days.

  1. Supervision

The consultant will be supervised by the Program Manager, RM&E and the Head Quality Assurance will closely be associated to the discussions with the consultant and review of the draft and final products.

  1. Communication and travel

Costs related to communication should be included in the professional fees. The consultant may be required to travel to the field either at the beginning or at the time of finalizing the deliverables. Transportation should also be included in the financial quotation, basing on the widely known and acceptable rates for hiring vehicles

  1. Required skills/experience and qualifications
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience either through participating health facility assessment or managing health facility-level surveys, experience working on other health-related surveys preferred
  • Demonstrated experience in behavior studies, communication and editing.
  • Strong capacity and experience in planning and organizing survey logistics
  • Strong capacity in data management and statistics.
  • Strong knowledge in any of these software: SPSS or STATA
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and flexible attitude
  1. Proprietary rights

Outputs delivered under this consultancy contract will remain the property of MSU as per MSI’s General Conditions of Contract for Consultants and Individual Contractors.

  1. How to apply

Qualified candidates are requested to email a concept note including the CV to and copied to  deadline for receipt of the application is Wednesday 30th November, 2016 by 4.00 pm.

In your concept note, please indicate relevant experience, availability, estimated number of days to undertake the assignment/budget and your daily rate. Applications submitted without a budget will not be considered. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.