MSU uses a broad range of channels to ensure we meet the family planning needs of our many clients throughout Uganda.

Services_pic15 static centres across the country provide ‘gold standard’ reproductive health services and a wide range of other medical services by charging sliding scale user fees. We provide comprehensive ‘gold standard’ sexual and reproductive health services through our branch network of 15 clinical facilities across Uganda.

These facilities provide a wide range of services including medical consultation, specialist sexual and reproductive health consultations, comprehensive family planning services including long acting and permanent methods (LAPM), ante and post-natal care, child welfare services, comprehensive laboratory services and free condom distribution, sexually transmitted infection diagnosis and treatment, referral for HIV treatment and post-abortion care.

All of our clinical facilities charge sliding scale user fees, which are set based on a facility’s location and the catchment community’s ability to pay. This means that facilities located in poorer locations can be subsidised by surplus generating facilities.

Demand for services is created by extensive marketing and behaviour change communication activities.

LIFE GUARD-1MSU has Uganda’s longest running social marketing program of health products which are marketed and distributed to private providers and pharmacies. Our products include Uganda’s preferred condom of choice, Lifeguard condoms and Misoclear which is the MSU brand of Misoprostol used to prevent post-partum haemorrhage.

Social marketing brings these safe and affordable products closer to the client. Our holistic view of social marketing combines an integrated effort of behaviour change communication and education, leading to social change and higher demand for the marketed products.

hotlineThe MSU hotline was launched in September 2012, as a means to provide more personalised sexual & reproductive health (SRH), family planning information and referral services to our client. The hotline is a toll-free phone line (0800 120 333) that the public can call to speak directly with a SRH counsellor in one of 16 languages of Uganda. It offers free, impartial and confidential support on issues ranging from myths and misconceptions of family planning methods, to managing side effects. The hotline is linked to all MSU service delivery channels and refers clients to the nearest health facility using mapping technology. MSU operates a toll-free SRH Hotline across the country to provide more personalized information and services.