Our Impact Uganda

Increasing contraceptive use

Our reach and impact in Uganda has grown rapidly over the last few years, enabling us to have a large influence on expanding contraceptive use across the country. We estimate that we contributed around a third of the national growth in modern contraceptive prevalence between 2006 and 2011. In 2013, an estimated 931,000 people were using a family planning method provided by MSU. This increased access to family planning led to the prevention of approximately 374,000 unintended pregnancies and prevention of around 830 maternal deaths in 2013 alone.

In 2013, we estimate that MSU’s ongoing programming resulted in*
People using family planning provided by MSU            931,000
Unintended pregnancies prevented            374,000
Unsafe abortions prevented              87,000
Maternal deaths prevented                   830
Savings for families and healthcare systems**  UGX   68.4bn



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Reaching the poor and underserved

We have been successful in promoting equitable access to family planning, reaching poor and uneducated women, whom on average have the lowest levels of contraceptive use. Our delivery channels provide services in a way that enables us to reach a broad range of clients.