Motivation: Day Of The Girl

My motivation is very personal. I’m a mother of four girls—very beautiful girls. They are my motivation. I wake up every day and go to work to contribute to a world that enables them and others like them to develop to their fullest potential. That’s my drive…. I just want to see a world where girls are treated like people. In my culture, when you have girl children only, it’s like you haven’t had children. I’ve had members of my family walk up to me and say, “You know, you haven’t even started.” And it’s very disappointing, and when you think about the root cause, it’s because a girl child is going to grow up and get pregnant and not continue her education and get married to some random man whom the family doesn’t approve of—that’s the core of the problem. So if we can provide information, education, and services—contraceptive services—the girl child is sorted. And they can be everything they want to be. That’s, for me, the reason that I do what I do. #FPVoices #dayofthegirl
Carole Sekimpi, Country Director, Marie Stopes Uganda

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