Marie Stopes Uganda named Best Reproductive Health and Family Planning Organisation

Marie Stopes Uganda’s contribution to Millennium Development Goals and service to women and families of Uganda recognized by President Museveni

Marie Stopes Uganda has been named Best Reproductive Health and Family Planning Organisation 2014 in this years’ Uganda Responsible Investment awards, presented by President YK Museveni.

For example, by expanding contraceptive choice to women who were not previously using family planning – and enabling other women to continue using it – Marie Stopes Uganda estimates that our services account for a full 7% of contraceptive prevalence in Uganda. This is up from 4.2% in 2010.

The award was presented Friday evening as part of a national ceremony honouring key contributions to Uganda’s progress towards the Millennium Development Goals,

Dr Deepmala Mahla, our Country Director in Uganda, said after receiving the award:

We are honoured and humbled to be recognised in this way, and we thank the Government of Uganda for its continued commitment to the reproductive health of Ugandans, and for the trust they have placed in us during the more than 20 years we have worked for the women and families of Uganda. We hope that our collaboration will continue long into the future so that we can continue to serve the needs of Ugandans, wherever they live, whatever their circumstances.

In 2013, 931,000 people were using a family planning method that MS Uganda had provided, and our work in partnership with the Government of Uganda to reduce the unmet need for contraception is central to the national development plan and aligned to national commitments to address MDGs 3, 4 and 5, particularly 5b.

In partnership with the Government, it is estimated that just over one in 10 women aged 15-49 in Uganda are now using contraception provided by MS Uganda, and by the invitation of the Ministry of Health, we anticipate that we will make a catalytic impact in reducing maternal and neonatal mortality as the Voucher Management Agency for the National Reproductive Health Voucher project begins over the next five years.

The life call: Marie Stopes hosts its first hotline flash mob

Did you know that even without airtime you can actually call 0800 120 333 for free to access emergency counselling when stranded and your partner is bleeding? So was the case in the flash mob message that was staged at the Owino market.

A man turns up with his wife experiencing pain and post-partum haemorrhage; he tries calling but he is short on credit. A Samaritan assists him with his phone to call the closest local doctor but unfortunately the phone is not available. On insisting, another willing concerned citizen shows him a placard by the roadside with the toll free hotline and he calls it only to be responded by a delighted counsellor who gives him timely advice and is directed to the nearest health centre.

Marie stopes Uganda in partnership with the Linkup project under Marie stopes International Uganda worked together to provide voluntary HIV counselling and testing, voluntary family planning and syndromic management of sexually transmitted infections to men and women, youth and most at risk populations. The event was more than successful at Owino market.

Objectives of the event:

  • To increase awareness and sensitization on the facts about the MSU SRH Hotline for the public in Kampala and Uganda at large.
  • To provide a platform for young people to advocate for better prevention strategies especially in reducing the transmission of HIV and AIDS and unwanted pregnancies.
  • To inform the public about the life guard condom brand and how they can access it.

Activities and participants

  • Free information, communication about toll free hotline, linkup and life guard.
  • Free condom distribution and demonstrations.
  • HIV counseling and testing, family planning services and STI services
  • Edutainment.

Various stakeholders were present in partnership with Marie Stopes namely; Uganda Police Force, Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and Ham Shopping Arcade management. Different youth turned up to learn about the services and the public came to a standstill to witness the flash mob. There was free HCT services offered and a number of people from the public turned up to get free testing for STDs and family planning services.

Forget not to call us free of charge to speak to our trained counsellors on 0800 120 333.